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Fertility Focused Womb Hara Massage

I received so much from my massage sessions with Dani. She is deeply nurturing and provides a safe and sacred space for you to release without judgement. Her ancient, motherly, warm energy wraps you in a cocoon and allows for your healing to take place. She weaves so many other modalities within her sessions and makes you feel so special and held. I especially loved the energy healing work she did on me to assist in balancing my chakras and bringing my energy back into alignment. Dani takes the time and care to ensure you get exactly what you need during each session, she is patient, kind and professional. After just one Womb Hara Massage with her I felt the discomfort in my digestive system ease, my moon cycle came back into alignment and I felt a release from stagnation in my body. Dani intuitively felt into what my womb space was needing - honour - and in that moment everything began to land. Thank you sweetheart Dani - you are exactly what I needed and I look forward to more sessions with you.


Holistic Womb Hara Massage

I do not believe I was fully aware of the depth of healing I was about to receive when beginning sessions with Danielle. I suffered from mild prolapse, feeling anxious, sad and hopeless about my downstairs situation. I trusted that my body would find its way to heal - but I was already almost 3 years postpartum and feeling a little discouraged. 

Quite literally the moment Danielle put her hands on me, the tears flowed. It hurt, everything hurt. As Dani worked, I felt held, safe. I felt her innate abilities come through her work, I felt her integrity and her passion. I spent a lot of our first session in tears and moving through pain in my energy body, whilst feeling so grateful that it was Dani that I was able to walk this journey with. I was so touched by the level of care felt in every placement of her hands on my bare skin. I felt so vulnerable, yet so safe. She filled me in on some parts that she was doing and explained some parts that she was still getting a feel for - but honestly, I felt as though I were in the hands of a woman who had been giving womb massages her whole life. After the first and second sessions, I felt lighter and much more empowered. For the first time in my life, I felt connected to my womb. I could talk to her at any time of day, send her love and whatever she desired, she began to feel supported and in turn, began to lift. 


Dani has this beautiful ability - to just listen and hold. Week after week I lay down the depths of my inner journey with this womb massage, which happened to coincide with a very deep journey that I was walking with my son's Father. Week after week, she listened and held the space, so beautifully, so compassionately, so honestly. I cannot fault her in the way she conducted herself. Dani is incredibly attuned to others and intuitive beyond her knowing. 


Holistic Womb Hara Massage 

I’ve had 2 womb hara massage with Dani, and wow. There are literally no words to describe how incredible and special this experience is. Since my accident, I felt so imbalanced and a stranger in my body and just couldn’t feel safe, especially in my womb space. After the first massage, I felt so much stagnant energy and emotions that had built up, just release. I felt so much lighter and free. 

The second massage...this was a big one for me and was the one that made me feel more comfortable within my own skin and so much more stable. Dani is a miracle worker and her presence during the entirety of the massage is so calming and nurturing. She’s absolutely amazing and her space that she’s created for this beautiful experience is so safe and warm. This type of massage is something I never knew I needed and now I wouldn’t be able to go without it. Dani, you are so amazing at this and I thank you for connecting me back into my body and introducing me to my womb. We are so much happier and can’t wait for our next session! 


Holistic Womb Hara Massage 

I had my first womb Hara massage by the beautiful Dani. 

I had no idea how much I needed this, I felt myself float away from my body I was so relaxed, nurtured and so safe in Dani’s space she’s created.  Dani has such beautiful warm energy she brings with her making you feel so comfortable and loved. Before the massage I was asked if I felt connected to my womb, I didn’t even know what this felt like but, I felt a lot more in tune with my body during and afterward. I’ve been having some lower back pain which is especially bad when I get my period, Dani told me I have a retroverted uterus and this made so much sense as to why my lower back is sore after being to so many medical physicians trying to find out what’s going on; one session with Dani and it was mind-blowing. I walked out of there understanding a lot more about me and what’s going on. 

I’ll definitely be back to see Dani and couldn’t recommend her enough!


Holistic Womb Hara Massage 

I received a massage from Dani, and the experience I had was amazing.. Dani had such a warm presence making me feel comfortable to open up about anything. Dani really took the time to explain and share her knowledge with me. She listened  to my concerns and really encouraged expansion on my own knowledge. As soon as I stepped into her room I felt love, safe and calm from the ambiance she provides in the session. This massage allowed me to feel more relaxed than I ever have, even days later after her session

Lately I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress and Dani helped me release all the emotion I felt like I was holding in. Only after 1 season I felt connected with my body it was such a surreal feeling being able to notice the difference after seeing her. 

I encourage all my friends and family to make appointments with Dani. There is no one else I would recommend more highly, I am so excited for my next session, you’ll  leave with such a full heart and a healthy body 💛


Holistic Womb Hara Massage 

As soon as you meet Dani you can feel her loving and welcoming energy. She instantly makes you feel relaxed and at ease to express and share your journey.  She takes the time before the message to recognize where you are at and customized the womb message to match. Dani did a wonderful job of explaining what she would be doing and more importantly the benefits. Very knowledgeable! Her healing hands brought me release and relaxation as well as an understanding of my inner self. I was brought to a place where I was able to feel so connected to my femininity which allowed me to open up new layers of myself along with letting go of past traumas. I am so grateful for Dani’s magical touch. She is a lovely soul that I can’t wait to learn and grow more with.


Holistic Womb Hara Massage 

I received my first treatment with Dani and couldn’t recommend it enough. She greets you with open arms in a safe & nurturing space. The whole time I was in my treatment my breathing slowed down and I allowed Dani to work her magic. She unblocked my motherline path, and released alot of stagnant energy in my body. I loved at the end of the treatment Dani wrapped me up in what feels like a cocoon that I didn’t want to escape. It was pure bliss, I’m looking forward to my next treatment already.

Thanks so much for your time and magic hands.


Holistic Womb Hara Massage 

One of the most grounding and relaxing massages I’ve ever had! 5 months post-surgery, I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to relax but I dropped into such a deep meditative state and left feeling so calm, grounded, and loved! It was such an incredible experience being able to connect with my womb and I felt very supported and nurtured. Can’t wait to come again! 

Thank you ❤️ 


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