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Birthkeeper & Postpartum Doula


Dani has been my Doula for my second baby. She has such a positive vibe, she's very calm and positive attitude and that's what I needed. Never felt like she was a stranger when visiting at home and during my labour. She looked after me very well from the first home visit. She has brought a beautiful basket full of products that every pregnant women would love to receive and she gifted me the book that I was looking for...such a kind gesture!!! My labour was very long and she has stayed for the whole time, but not just that... after delivering my baby, I had a complication and she did not left, but stayed with my husband until I came back. Don't think many other people would have done that, after spending the whole night awake! She also took amazing photos during labour. After delivering my baby, she brought the best food I have ever had!!! Seriously delicious!!! During our last visit, she gave me a special massage. What can I say, 5 star! She is the right person for anyone looking for a kind soul and experienced Doula on their side. Dani, has been an immense pleasure having you in my birth space.


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