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fertility focused womb hara massage

Supporting Your Fertility Journey with Womb Hara Massage


If you are on a fertility journey, Womb Hara Massage can be a vital part of your support system. We can focus each session on nurturing your reproductive system and complementing any other fertility treatments you are pursuing.

This treatment is entirely external, involving deep massage of the abdomen, sacrum, upper back, and womb space. Each session is personalized and intuitive, adapting to your unique health needs at the time. Given the stress and anxiety that often accompany a fertility journey, Womb Hara Massage can help ease tension and nourish your nervous system by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and well-being.

For an enhanced experience, consider adding a Yoni Steam before your massage. This addition deepens the releasing and healing process. When you choose this beautiful modality, you also receive personalized fertility herbs to continue steaming at home.

Embrace a holistic approach to your fertility journey with Womb Hara Massage. Experience the support, relaxation, and nourishment your body and spirit need.


Inclusions ~
Herbal Tea Blend
Consult with First Booking
Womb Hara Massage 
Hara Diagnosis
Intuitive Healing which may involve: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Breathwork, Cord Pulling, Crystal Healing, Reiki/Intuitive Energy Work, and/or Energetic Facial Release.
Rebozo Wrapping at the End of Massage
Any Insights Received at End of Session

Please allow approximately 1.5 - 1.45 hours for each session.

By focusing on fertility we can work to:

• Balance hormones.
• Increase blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organ/tissue.
• Call in the soul of the unborn baby using specific points, connecting with spirit baby.
• Heal cycle-related imbalances.
• Heal any trauma and grief held within the body.
• Increase libido.

~ Assists with the removal of stagnant blood and tissue, improving flow of blood and Qi.

~ Tone and strengthen uterus and surrounding ligaments.

~ Improved immune function from detoxification of organs and lymphatic system.

~ Re-align uterus for optimal positioning.

~ Remove stagnancy/blockages held within the womb space/abdomen (energetically and physically).

~ Connecting you with your body and womb.

~ Enhanced mood and relaxation - activating parasympathetic nervous system.



Holistic Womb Hara Massage is not suitable in the following circumstances - 

- Pregnancy. 

- If you are currently on your period, or are within 3 days of your next bleed.

- Have any active STD's.

- Have known tumors.

- Have recently had major surgery,

- Have just undergone IVF (before each cycle is optimal).

- If postpartum, please allow for at least 4 - 6 weeks for vaginal birth, and 8+ weeks for caesarean birth. 

If you are unsure, please feel welcome to message me. 


When should I book if I am trying to conceive?

Any time after your period and prior to ovulation - once you have had intercourse during ovulation we do not massage. 

Can I have this massage if I am doing IVF?

Absolutely! This is a perfect modality to work alongside any fertility/IVF treatments.

When should I book if I am undergoing IVF?

Any time leading up to transfer is recommended, but the 1-2 days leading up are ideal.

Is there a recommended number of massages?

Of course you can't really have *too* many - in this case, follow your intuition. Most find up to 5 to be helpful for cycle imbalances and then monthly for maintenance. 

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