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fertility focused womb hara massage


If you are on a fertility journey, we can focus the session on this to support and nourish your reproductive system, and complement any other fertility modalities you are working with. 


This treatment involves deep massage of the abdomen, and sarum, however, primarily focuses on the womb space. Each session may be different as I work intuitively to adapt the session to your health needs at the time. In each session I may also incorporate other holistic healing modalities such as the use of essential oils, reiki/etheric healing, meditation and tuning forks. 

Allow approximately 1.5 - 2 hours for each session (2 hours min for initial consultation). 

By focusing on fertility we can work to:

• Balance hormones 
• Increase blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organ/tissue 
• Call in the soul of the unborn baby using specific points 
• Heal cycle-related imbalances 
• Heal any trauma and grief held within the body
• Increase libido 
• Remove any stagnancy or blockages held within the womb space/abdomen

The value of a Fertility Focused Holistic Womb Hara Massage is $150.



Holistic Womb Hara Massage is not suitable in the following circumstances - 

- Pregnancy. 

- If you are currently on your period, or are within 3 days of your next bleed.

- Have any active STD's.

- Have known tumors.

- Have recently had major surgery,

- Have just undergone IVF (before each cycle is optimal).

- If postpartum, please allow for at least 4 - 6 weeks for vaginal birth, and 8+ weeks for caesarean birth. 

If you are unsure, please feel welcome to message me. 

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