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holistic womb hara massage


Womb Hara Massage is a deeply nourishing and healing treatment pieced together by Natalie Zukerman. This treatment has been adapted from ancient Chinese Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, fertility massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Mayan abdominal massage techniques. ​This treatment involves deep massage of the abdomen, womb and sacral areas. Each session may be different as I work intuitively to adapt the session to your health needs at the time. 
In each session I may also incorporate other holistic healing modalities such as the use of essential oils, reiki/etheric healing, meditation, and tuning forks. Your session may also include Rebozo, where you are gently stretched, then “cocooned.” This is deeply restorative and revitalising. 


This treatment helps with conditions such as:
- Digestive complaints​ e.g. constipation, bloating, appetite, gas 
- Fertility issues
- Sexual trauma, abuse, abortion
- Ovarian (PCOS) and breast cysts
- Ovulation imbalances
- Fibroids, heavy bleeding
- Pelvic infections/pain
- Miscarriages 
- Organ prolapse
- Pre-menopause/menopause
- Frequent urination 
- Endometriosis 
- Menstrual related issues (regulate and improve pain)
- Hormones, irregularity, pain, PMS
- Lower back issues
- Sciatic, sacroiliac pain etc
- Chronic migraines/headaches


The value of a Holistic Womb Hara Massage is $150, and $130 for follow-up treatments. 
Please allow approximately 1.5 - 2 hours for each session
(2 hours min for initial consultation). 


Holistic Womb Hara Massage is not suitable in the following circumstances - 

- Pregnancy. 

- If postpartum, please allow for at least 4 - 6 weeks for vaginal birth, and 8+ weeks for caesarean birth. 

- If you are currently on your period, or are within 3 days of your next bleed.

- Have any active STD's.

- Have known tumors.

- Have recently had major surgery,

- Have just undergone IVF (before each cycle is optimal).

If you are unsure, please feel welcome to message me. 

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