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holistic womb hara massage


womb hara massage

Discover the Healing Power of Womb Hara Massage

Experience the transformative benefits of Womb Hara Massage, a nurturing and non-invasive therapy designed to support your reproductive health and overall well-being. Our gentle, external massage techniques offer relief and healing for a range of concerns, including:

  • Cycle Concerns: Alleviate issues with ovulation, hormonal balance, pain, PMS, and regulation, including endometriosis.

  • Postpartum Recovery: Support your body’s natural healing process after childbirth.

  • Fertility Support: Enhance your fertility journey with specialized care (more info here).

  • Stress & Anxiety: Feel more grounded and relaxed by activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Frequent Urination: Find relief from the inconvenience of frequent urination.

  • Chronic Migraines & Headaches: Experience soothing relief for persistent headaches.

  • Digestive Health: Improve digestion, reduce bloating, constipation, and alleviate IBS symptoms.

  • Lower Back Pain: Address issues like sciatica and sacroiliac pain effectively.

  • Scar Tissue Softening: Soften scar tissue from caesareans, hysterectomy, and other abdominal surgeries.

  • Menopause Support: Navigate premenopausal and menopausal symptoms with ease.

  • Trauma Release: Heal from trauma related to abuse, abortion, miscarriage, and more.

  • Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts: Minimize the impact of fibroids and ovarian cysts.

  • Organ Prolapse: Strengthen and realign muscles and tissues supporting your bladder and uterus.

  • Detoxification: Promote a healthier reproductive system through detoxifying massage.

Why Choose Womb Hara Massage?

Our practice is a fusion of ancient techniques from Chinese Chi Nei Tsang, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Mayan abdominal massage, and fertility massage, tailored to provide you with a deeply nourishing experience. We focus on areas like the sacrum, upper back, diaphragm, belly, and womb space to unravel tension and deeply nourish your nervous system.

Book Your Session Today

Embrace a holistic approach to your reproductive health and overall wellness. Book your Womb Hara Massage session today and start your journey toward a more balanced, healthy, and serene life. 

Feel nurtured, balanced, and empowered with Womb Hara Massage. Your path to wellness begins here.

Who Can Benefit from Womb Hara Massage?

Womb Hara Massage is for anyone with a womb, including those who have had a hysterectomy. The womb's energetic imprint remains, and this massage honors and nurtures that presence.

My intention is to create a space of deep nurturing for you, allowing you to gently land and sink into your body and heart. This is a space where you can release any physical or emotional blockages that may be causing stagnation and imbalance.

This is an invitation to reconnect—with your body, your heart, and your essence. As you emerge from each session, may you carry with you a sense of security, groundedness, and a renewed connection to the innate strength that resides within your womb.


Inclusions ~
Consult with First Booking
Herbal Tea Blend
Womb H
ara Massage 
Hara Diagnosis
Intuitive Healing which may involve: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Breathwork, Cord Pulling, Crystal Healing, Reiki/Intuitive Energy Work, and/or Energetic Facial Release.
Rebozo Wrapping at the End of Massage
Any Insights Received at End of Session
Please allow approximately 1.5 - 1.75 
hours for each session.


Holistic Womb Hara Massage is not suitable in the following circumstances - 

- Pregnancy. 

- If postpartum, please allow for at least 4 - 6 weeks for vaginal birth, and 8+ weeks for caesarean birth. 

- If you are currently on your period, or are within 3 days of your next bleed.

- Have any active STD's.

- Have known tumors.

- Have recently had major surgery,

- Have just undergone IVF (before each cycle is optimal).

If you are unsure, please feel welcome to message me. 


When is the best time to book?

Any time before or after your period. The only time we don't do womb massage, other than the above contraindications, is during your period. This is to allow the body to cleanse or release on its own. 

How many massages should/can I do?

This completely depends on why you're booking in. If you have a condition/symptom that is a little more complex or on-going, it may be beneficial to book in at least once a fortnight/month (even weekly depending on your financial situation), until you find ease or relief. Most find up to 5 to be sufficient for cycle imbalances, and then monthly for maintenance. Please feel free to enquire about a payment plan should you need.

Where do you massage for the womb?

This massage is completely non-invasive and all external. To massage your womb I only go as far down as your hip bones, which is perfect to access  the reproductive organs. 

How can I best prepare for a womb massage/what should I do after?

A few hours before have a light meal and enough water. Wear comfortable clothing, and ensure you have the afternoon free for integration. Support yourself with nourishing, grounding food, and plenty of fluid. Journalling often helps after a womb massage. 

What should I expect after - are there side-effects?

Everyone responds differently to a womb massage. You may find your body will continue to release the emotional/energetic imbalances over a few days or weeks. This can look like unexpected emotional outbursts/crying, increased bowel movements, or you may be more sleepy than usual. Its important to be gentle with yourself, and allow for any emotions to be felt and moved through as they won't be integrated/released otherwise. 

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