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postpartum support

The postpartum period is deeply sacred and treating it as such is so important in the healing process. You have just come back from bringing your baby Earth-side. My offering to you is to ultimately ensure you feel held, supported and heard during this sacred time. I will guide you in following your intuition and always trust that you know what is best for you and your bub. It is my honour as your postpartum doula to ensure you feel totally supported so you can safely stay in your baby bubble, as you integrate your birthing experience in this sacred period. I know that your needs will evolve and shift everyday and I will endeavor to adapt and shift each visit around that. Therefore no one visit will be alike, they will be guided by you. I will assist you in healing through your postpartum period with deep intention and ancient practices.

As the body is so open energetically, physically & emotionally, my focus is on bringing warmth to you through nourishing, warming food and drink, herbal baths and loving touch. I also offer belly binding, to close the space from which your baby emerged. I will also gently remind you to hydrate, and rest, while ensuring your space is fresh and revitalised with light household cleaning. I will listen to you and hold space, as you recount your birth story, reminding you of how incredible you were.

When you are ready, I offer a sacred postpartum closing ceremony. 

Click here for more information. And finally, I will be available to you via phone, text or email - whenever you need.

If you require a payment plan, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to accommodate.

A 30% deposit is required to book in any of these packages, paid prior to the commencement of the service.

To organise a complimentary meet-up, please reach out. I am here for you.

the five insights of the first forty days

1. retreat
2. warmth
3. support
4. rest
5. ritual

- the first forty days; heng ou


tender weeks support

three weeks of postpartum support

One visit for three weeks, for up to around three hours (with the first being ideally in the early days following birth). Each visit is unique and tailored to you. Our journey will end with a sacred postpartum closing ceremony to honour your body and transition as a mother. Also included is 1x prenatal session, so that we can determine a postpartum plan.

Investment | $1, 222

sacred 42 day window

six weeks of postpartum support

One visit for six weeks, for up to around three hours (with the first being ideally in the early days following birth). Each visit is unique and tailored to you. Our journey will end with a sacred postpartum closing ceremony. Also included are 2x prenatal sessions, so that we can determine a postpartum plan.

Investment | $2, 200

one-off postpartum support

A one-off postpartum visit, whether you are early postpartum, or ten. This can be tailored to how you feel you need to be supported and loved on. We may revisit your birthing journey, do body/energy work, light household cleaning, etc - whatever you feel from the services that I offer that will best meet you where you are at.

Investment | $370

each visit may include:

• abyangha massage

• setting up your sacred space

• belly binding

• healing, herbal baths

• nutrient dense, warming meals and drinks rooted in eastern/ayurvedic philosophies (works out to roughly 3-4 meals dropped off each visit).

• sacred postpartum closing ceremony/womb massage

• light household cleaning (dishes, change of bedding etc)

• holding bub/watching siblings while you rest

• reiki | intuitive healing

• castor oil packs for womb warming

• birth debriefing

• referrals if needed to local practitioners

• herbal support in the way of; infusions, elixirs, flower essences, balms, oils, homeopathy, yoni steaming and sitz soaks

• breastfeeding support

• simple newborn guidance; baby cues, bathing, baby wearing, skin to skin

• postpartum basket of homemade herbal gifts

• being attentive to you and your needs, always offering a nonjudgemental listening ear with full emotional support

• stopping by shops on my way to pickup anything you may need

• Ongoing support via text/call/email.

more on the healing food...

All food is nutrient dense and supportive of the postpartum state, bringing back warmth using spices and fat/oil to facilitate healing. All ingredients are deeply intentional and serve a purpose in this way. Galactagogues (milk production stimulating) are also incorporated to assist with your supply.

Ghee is utilised in most meals * (please inform if you would prefer to omit and coconut oil will be used in place). The meals are heavily rooted in Eastern/ayurvedic philosophies, and I am so excited to include food from my own cultural background, the Philippines. Please ensure any allergies or dietary requirements are disclosed in advance.


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