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(pronounced ah-nee-cha)

Anicca is the Buddhist philosophy of impermanence which sees that everything is in a constant cycle and state of change.

A cycle of birth, growth and death that every being is subject to...

Welcome, and thank you so much for being here. Truly.

I am Dani, a mother, a partner & the woman behind this business (and so much more).

I created Anicca as I have so much passion in holding women, guiding them to connect with the depths of their womb space and on their healing journey through inner alchemy. This passion had unfolded over the years, and I have expanded so much as a person and a business.


I offer to you now:

Birth & Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula services | Holistic Womb Hara & Fertility Massage | Fertility Support Packages | Postpartum Food Services | Yoni Steaming | 1:1 Reiki/Intuitive Healing | Sacred Postpartum Closing Ceremony | slow-batch intentionally made herbal products...and hopefully soon, Mother Blessing Ceremonies.

My experience is a culmination of formal education, workshops and quenching my own thirst of curiosity for just about everything this world has to offer, but the biggest of my teachings has been my own healing journey, tapping into my innate power and connecting with my ancestors. There is a knowing and wisdom within us all that is far beyond any course you can enrol in. Everything I offer is heart-led and based on intuition, yours & mine. and everything will be adapted to meet you where you are. My intention is a deep holding, where you feel safe and grounded. Somewhere you can have a place to land softly, fully in your body and heart.


About Dani

I am a mama, to the most beautiful little boy, Astor.

I am of Filipino descent and I hope to bring some of my healing food from my culture to my business.

My own healing journey has been long-winded, and spread across many years. I have since learned the thing that made the biggest impact was honouring. Honouring my body...meeting myself wherever I am at, and moving in accordance with this, whether I needed to slow; my breath, movement...or using herbs and plant medicine to facilitate deeper healing. 

The herbal products I have come to make and love, have been deeply inspired by my mother, who gracefully moved through cancer, twice, and was not told about all of the ways in which treatment would impact her body or skin. And while I wish I had made these during that time, here they are - slow-made, with the deepest of intentions and so much love.

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