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A soft space for you to land, bringing you back into your body & connecting you with your ancient wisdom


My offerings are centered around women on their varying journeys & transitions, whether

~ pregnant

~ on a fertility journey

~ postpartum

~ cycle/period healing

~ moving through menopause and more...

I am here to create a safe space for you to bring you back into your body so you can tune into your divine wisdom and intuition, while witnessing you with wholehearted presence.


About me...

Welcome, and thank you for being here.

I am Dani, and I am so truly honoured to hold space for women through their varying journeys. I use deeply intentional and ancient modalities to bring about balance within the mind and body, as well as connect women with their own innate wisdom. I am passionate about guiding women into making intentional, empowered decisions when it comes to their bodies, especially in the birth realm.



(pronounced ah-nee-cha)

Anicca is the Buddhist philosophy of impermanence which sees that everything is in a constant cycle and state of change.

A cycle of birth, growth and death that every being is subject to...

Explore the Apothecary

Handcrafted herbal products for women's wellness - created to bring sacred ritual into your everyday life.
Made with love & intention, infused with reiki healing.

"I'm so grateful to have found Dani and experienced her womb hara massage. I couldn't recommend this treatment highly enough. After losing my baby at 22 weeks pregnant I was left completely broken and disconnected with my body, trying to heal but also feeling stuck. Dani was so amazing, her nurturing care and kindness allowed me to be open to the wonderful holistic healing experience she provided and I left feeling much clearer, calmer and more grounded. My cycle finally returned the day after the massage as well which just clarifies how beneficial it was."


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