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Holding space for you, wherever you are at in your journey...

I trust in women's bodies. I trust in your divine intuition. I want you to know I’m not here to give you anything...whether that's in the form of healing or external qualities that you may seek. Because these things are already within you. I'm here to hold space for you, to witness you with wholehearted presence while reminding you of your own magic. To bring you back to a space where you can facilitate your own deep healing...where you can fully lean into your own intuition. To bring you back into your body, so you can remember her innate wisdom. So you can remember you are love. Pure, infinite love - and from this place allowing you to move into a state of grace and presence. And from here, lead you back to healing...

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in bloom - pregnancy belly oil

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postpartum yoni steam blend


sacred - essential oil blend

As soon as you meet Dani you can feel her loving and welcoming energy. She instantly makes you feel relaxed and at ease to express and share your journey.  She takes the time before the message to recognize where you are at and customized the womb message to match. Dani did a wonderful job of explaining what she would be doing and more importantly the benefits. Very knowledgeable! Her healing hands brought me release and relaxation as well as an understanding of my inner self. I was brought to a place where I was able to feel so connected to my femininity which allowed me to open up new layers of myself along with letting go of past traumas. I am so grateful for Dani’s magical touch. She is a lovely soul that I can’t wait to learn and grow more with.
- hannah 

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