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Calm Sea

"Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom."

– Harriette Hartigan

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Pregnancy, birth and postpartum is expansive. It is life-changing and deeply sacred. 

I trust birth, and our innate ability to birth. When guided by our intuition we can trust fully in our bodies and surrender to this beautiful, transformative process. ​I am here to guide you to that place of unwavering trust. You know your body and your baby. I am here to hold and witness you as you journey through one of the most profound periods in your life.

I will nourish you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum - energetically, physically and emotionally - with ritual, herbs, and bodywork.

Prior to your birth we will meet to get to know one another and determine how I can best support you throughout labour and postpartum. This can look like working through any fears you may have or ascertaining comfort measures that ease and relax you. Each session is intuitive and will look differently every time.


Postpartum planning is also integral, and something I am so passionate about as this is such a delicate time requiring so much nourishment, nurturing and holding. We will look at creating your village and building support systems. ​I am on-call for you 24/7 during the month of your expected birth. I will come as soon as you call me, and will remain with you for the duration of your labour, whether you are at home or in hospital. I will support you during this incredibly sacred time, in whatever way you need me to - whether its reminding you to stay hydrated, the use of healing herbs, movement, anchoring touch and bodywork - or simply a grounding presence. Your partner is not replaced in any way, I will guide your partner in their role, as well as in their own rite of passage.

I will constantly remind you of your ancient motherly wisdom, and bring you back to your intuition.
 I will lovingly tend to you in those first few hours following birth, ensuring your space is safe and protected. I am here for you.

For more information on my packages, please reach out.

Complimentary consultation

For more information about my packages and to meet me, book a free 45 min consult.


Birthkeeper Packages

Package 1:

* Complimentary consultation

* 2x prenatal visits

* Birth attendance

* 3x postpartum visits

Investment $2,800

Package 2:

*Complimentary consultation

*Monthly prenatal visits

*Birth attendance

*Unstructured postpartum visits - intuitively based on what you need, and how long you may need me for

*and a few more juice tid-bits to love on you


Investment $3,500


As your birthkeeper, my focus is to ensure you are tended to with devotion and care as you journey through this deeply sacred rite of passage - maiden to mother.

Herbal support - tinctures, teas, homeopathy, flower essences etc. to assist you emotionally, physically or energetically

Postpartum planning session

Birth physiology, making informed choices and understanding your options, you and your partner advocating for your birth, connecting you in following your intuition

Fear releasing ritual

Herbal foot soak & massages

30 min in home reiki/intuitive healing session

Little goodies/surprises

Access to my personal, educational library

Unlimited phone and text support

On call 2 weeks before, and after your ‘due date’

Birth; in person support, holding you and assisting your partner in their role as you labour and birth your baby until 1-2 hours post birth

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