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sacred postpartum closing ceremony

Across various cultures, the postpartum period is treated with reverence and devotion. Practices are used to assist with healing, as well as recognise the immense shift in the mother's emotional and mental state. My offering to you is this ceremony, adapted from the Ecuadorian and Mexican tradition - "Closing of the Bones." I acknowledge the sanctity and ancient roots that this practice comes from, and hold so much gratitude for this healing ritual.

After growing and birthing a baby, the body is open energetically, physically, and emotionally. The mother is often left feeling  “out of her body” as during birth she leaves to retrieve the soul of her baby. The postpartum massage I offer is deeply sacred, and enables you to integrate your birthing and postpartum experience. It acknowledges the immense transition that is undergone and brings you back into your body.


What is involved?

The ceremony begins with your birth story. We debrief your birth and set any intentions.

I prepare a nourishing herbal yoni steam with gentle herbs that cleanse your womb space before massage and rebozo. Warm oil is then lovingly massaged into specific areas, with it bringing awareness and blood flow. The areas that may be focussed on include the sacrum, upper back, abdomen and womb space. I intuitively feel which space needs more time and devotion to best serve your healing journey, but lots of love is given to the hara and womb, the home of your baby. My intention is to bring warmth and fire back into your body, as the body is in a predominantly vata (air and ether) state after birth. Physically, your entire pelvic region is stretched and elongated following pregnancy and birth, and so this restorative treatment works to strengthen and bring the hips back into place.

A Rebozo (Mexican shawl) is used to rock your hips and gently guide them back into alignment. This is deeply nourishing and honours the work they have done. Finally, you will be wrapped head to toe in rebozo, as if in a cocoon, before emerging feeling deeply connected and embodied. While you are wrapped, I may do energy work to retrieve your spirit as it is believed in many cultures that the mother leaves her body to collect the soul of her baby from the cosmos/universe.



There are so many nourishing, restorative benefits to this ceremony, including;

- Re-established sense of self, feeling in alignment.

- Feeling grounded and present in your role as mother, especially in the transition from maiden to mother.

- Stimulation of blood circulation within the reproductive area, assisting with muscle tone and restoring the tissues.

- As labour can leave you feeling open and vulnerable, this ceremony can re-seal the body, so you may fill your cup back up and draw energy back to your creative portal (womb).

- Hormonal balance and immune stimulation. 

- Closure from the birth story and releasing suppressed emotions and trauma.

- Guiding the organs and hip bones back into place, and assisting the uterus in shrinking.

- Breaking up adrenalin crystals that may form on the hip bones (indicating unresolved trauma and emotional blocks).


- Cacao or intuitive herbal tea to drink while debriefing.

- Creating an altar together that honours your journey and will sit beside you during your ceremony.

- Rejuvenating and grounding herbal foot soak.

- Intuitive card pull.

- Abdominal/womb Massage with homemade warming herbal infused oil.

- Full body Rebozo wrapping.

- Holding space for you as you rest and take time while wrapped.

- Sound healing.

- Reiki/Intuitive Healing.

Add On's

- Yoni Steam (+$65) to support perineal healing (among other benefits). 

- Mobile Ceremony in your home (+$20) 

(please message me to see if I service your area).

This makes an incredible gift for a loved one in their postpartum period, which could be in the first few days after birth, or years after birth. Postpartum is forever.


This honouring ritual can be done at any time following birth, however, it is best to wait until lochia has cleared. I trust that you will know when you are ready for this sacred ceremony. 

This includes miscarriage as the body still undergoes expansion and results in a postpartum mama.

I am here for you.

Please allow up to 2.5 hours for this ceremony. Exchange is $250.

If you would like this in the comfort of your home, please reach out to find out if I service that area. 

(+$20 for mobile ceremony).

Payment plans are available, please ask if this would be supportive for you.

Please get in touch if you would like a mobile ceremony in your own home or click below to see availability and book.


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