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Yoni Steam Custom Blend (Online)

Yoni Steam Custom Blend (Online)


Yoni steaming is a deeply restorative ancient practice rooted in Mayan healing with a plethora of benefits. This practice involves using the warmth of herbal steam to gently permeate the exterior of the vagina utilising specific herbal blends. Most often women seek this treatment to assist with cycle issues, for postpartum healing, as well as for menopause, though this can simply be a part of your self-care routine. The healing that comes from yoni steaming is deeper than just physical, it also works on the emotional and energetic levels of the body, bringing calm to your nervous system and clearing your energetic field. Intention plays a big part in this way. 

Why Yoni Steam: 

  • Deeply cleansing for the uterus and vagina.

  • Hormone balancing.

  • Enhances fertility health.

  • Regulate periods.

  • Increased cervical mucus.

  • Digestive healing.

  • Increased libido and sexual sensation.

  • Heal cycle-related concerns - PMS, bloating, pain, irregularity.

  • Energetic + emotional release.

  • Toning vaginal tissue.

  • Perineal healing.

  • Postpartum recovery + healing.

  • Connects you with your womb space and sacred feminine energy.


Please complete the required form here. This will then enable me to create a unique blend to meet you where you are. I will then be available via email to you should you have any further questions or wish to talk about your experience. 


Following the completion of your form, I will determine which blend of herbs will be best suited for you - physically, emotionally and energetically - and then send the tailored blend to you. 


To get the most from your herbs, you may use each infusion twice! Just strain herbs (use the water over your garden!) and keep them in the fridge to re-use.


For information on how to steam, click here.

  • Put on some calming music, burn incense or anything that may assist you in going deeper into your body. 

    Place 1/4 cup of herbs into a pot or bowl with boiling water, cover and steep for 5 minutes. If you don't have a steaming chair/stool, simply squat, kneel or child’s pose over the bowl, with a towel/blanket wrapped around your waist to contain the steam. Steam for 10 – 15 minutes (depending on your steam set-up - gentle or advanced), then hydrate and allow for rest.

    *Please use caution & cover the sides with a towel to protect legs from heat of bowl.

    * These herbal blends are also great as teas if you would like to try this way - simply steep 1TBSP of herbs in hot water for 10 mins, and enjoy.

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