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Mother's Blessings ~
honouring you in your journey from maiden - mother
servicing Tugun - Logan, Gold Coast.

A Mother Blessing, deeply rooted in Native American traditions, is a profound ceremony that celebrates the sacredness of motherhood. We refer to them as "Mother Blessings" out of deep respect and cultural sensitivity. This distinction is made to honor the traditional Navajo ceremonial ritual called "Blessingway," which holds immense significance in their culture and should not be appropriated.

They are often organised and gifted by families of the expectant mother and act as a beautiful way to honour her.


Mother Blessings are a manifestation of the profound connection between people and the natural world. They serve as a poignant celebration of the life-giving journey that women undertake as they transition from maidenhood to motherhood, acknowledging the immensity of this transition. Just as the Earth transforms through the seasons, so too does a woman evolve through various stages in her life. When we go through major life events without marking them appropriately, we lose the opportunity to anchor that moment in our experience.

These ceremonies emphasize the importance of community and support during this transformative period. Women come together to create a nurturing and empowering environment for the expectant mother. It is a time when friends and family offer their love, guidance, and blessings, creating a web of support that the mother can lean on throughout her journey.

Mother Blessings also celebrate the power and strength of feminine energy. They remind women of their innate capacity to create and nurture life, both literally and metaphorically. These ceremonies emphasize the importance of embracing and acknowledging the divine feminine within, as well as connecting you with your maternal lineage. 

Mother blessings can provide a sense of healing and empowerment for expectant mothers. They offer a safe space for women to share their fears, hopes, and challenges. The collective energy and encouragement from the community can help alleviate anxieties and instill confidence.



Fee includes travel within the Gold Coast (Tugan - Logan) to location of your choice.

Digital invitations.

All supplies required for the creation of the center altar and rituals.

If needed* extra pillows or throws.

Group smudging ceremony.

Herbal Tea blend curated for the ceremony (plus little mugs).

Opening meditation.


Activity (choose one);

1. Flower crown making (+$40 if wanting each guest to make one, +$10 if only making one for mama-to-be).

2. Affirmation Cards to be made into a bunting.

3. Herbal Bath or Tea Blend for mama and each guest to take home.


Offering of blessings and bead for bracelet/necklace/mobile trinkets.

Herbal foot soak and massage for mama.

Mini reiki/sound healing for group.

Setting up postpartum support.

Red string ritual.

Guest gift: mini homemade smudge sticks.

And a gift for the mama.


1.5 - 2 hours



For groups up to 10 people

$350 (+ add-ons).

For groups 10 - 13

$450 (+ add-ons)

For groups larger than 13, please message me.

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