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Postpartum Nourishment
  • Postpartum Nourishment

    Our postpartum meal delivery service combines the wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as the comforting flavours of traditional Filipino cuisine. Our meals are focused on supporting the postpartum period by incorporating nutrient-dense ingredients.


    We offer a variety of warming soups, stews, and dishes prepared with intentionally chosen ingredients, including herbs and spices known for their healing properties. By providing these nourishing postpartum meals, we aim to support the physical and emotional well-being of new mothers, allowing them to focus on recovery, bonding with their baby, and embracing this transformative phase of their lives.


    *Ghee and bone broth are incorporated into most meals, please select if you would prefer a plant-based alternative.


    *Please ensure any allergies or dietary requirements are disclosed in advance.


    Delivery fee $20 (Please select Meal Delivery option at checkout).

    • Meals

      • kitchari

      • moong beans

      • lentil dahl

      • lugaw (congee/savoury rice porridge) | peya (ayurvedic rice porridge)

      • tinola (chicken soup w/ginger, garlic and morninga leaves)

      • comforting chicken adobo

      • pumpkin ginger soup​

      • earthy seasonal veg risotto

      • kaldereta (slow-cooked beef stew)

      • spiced oat porridge | amaranth porridge


      One handed snacks / sweet stuff

      • stuffed dates

      • cardamom rose cookies

      • herbal/chocolate lactation cookies

      • savoury muffins

      • chai spiced banana bread

      • bliss balls

      • chia pudding

      • vata pacifying carrot bread

      • coconut & taro sago


      Healing drinks

      • healing herbal elixir

      • warming turmeric latte

      • intuitive herbal blends

      • cacao with reishi + ashwaghanda

    • Weekly nourishment investment  ($230 - $260)

      Includes ~

      5x different meals (roughly 2 - 3 serves each equating to 10-13 meals)

      2 - 3x snacks

      2x warming drink



      3 days nourishment  ($170 - $200)


      3x different meals

      1 - 2x snack

      1x warming drink

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