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Personalised Pregnancy Affirmation Card

Personalised Pregnancy Affirmation Card

Capture your pregnancy as a custom illustrated affirmation card. Lovingly handmade and drawn - this is a beautiful piece to keep somewhere you can see everyday. Your affirmation will be intutively written for you. On the back will be a sigil, a symbol that will be chosen to aid you on your journey. Such a beautiful gift for a loved one, or for yourself. 


Once purchased please email with the following:

  • Photo of you and your gorgeous baby bump (or the recipients) - ensure this is somewhat simple.
  • Send through any little details you would like captured i.e. tattoo, favourite necklace/bracelet etc.
  • If you would like to add extra people/children please attach a photo as well as their ages/favourite colour but note this may take a little more time. 


*Please allow for up to a week for drawing to be completed, and another few days for postage. 

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