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"Mothers" Restorative Postpartum Herbal Tea Blend
  • "Mothers" Restorative Postpartum Herbal Tea Blend

    Mother's Restorative Herbal Tea Blend


    Full of nutritive herbs, this blend has been lovingly created to support you physically and emotionally, holding you as you journey through all stages of motherhood. Allow yourself to unwind as you take some time for yourself.


    Simply infuse 1tsp of herbs in hot water for 10 minutes, then enjoy.


    • Nettle, Schisandra Berry, Oatstraw, Motherwort, Dandelion Leaf, Goji Berry, Hibiscus & Tulsi.

    • Nettle:

      Mineral Replenishment: Nettle is rich in essential minerals like iron and calcium, aiding in postpartum recovery by replenishing nutrient stores.

      Emotional Grounding: Its nourishing properties extend to emotional well-being, providing a sense of grounding and stability during the postpartum period.

      Immune Support: Nettle's immune-boosting qualities contribute to overall health, supporting the body's defenses during this transformative time.



      Schisandra Berry:

      Adaptogenic Support: Schisandra Berry, as an adaptogen, assists the body in adapting to postpartum changes, promoting emotional resilience.

      Emotional Balance: Known for its harmonizing effects, Schisandra Berry may help balance postpartum emotions, fostering a sense of equilibrium.

      Immune Enhancement: With immune-enhancing properties, it supports the body's natural defenses during the postpartum recovery period.




      Nervine Nourishment: Oatstraw nourishes the nervous system, offering emotional support and a calming influence during the postpartum transition.

      Mineral-Rich: Its mineral content, including magnesium and silica, aids in replenishing essential nutrients, supporting overall well-being.

      Transition Support: Oatstraw provides gentle support during the postpartum transition, promoting a sense of calm and balance.




      Emotional Comfort: Motherwort is renowned for its calming effects, offering emotional comfort and stability during the postpartum period.

      Uterine Tonic: Traditionally used as a uterine tonic, Motherwort supports the physical and emotional aspects of postpartum recovery.

      Transition Aid: Motherwort aids in the emotional and physical transitions associated with the postpartum journey, providing a sense of reassurance.



      Dandelion Leaf:

      Mineral Boost: Dandelion Leaf is rich in minerals, including potassium, supporting mineral balance during the postpartum period.

      Liver Support: It offers gentle liver support, aiding in the body's natural detoxification processes postpartum.

      Emotional Upliftment: Dandelion Leaf may contribute to emotional upliftment, providing a refreshing and supportive element.



      Goji Berry:

      Antioxidant Power: Goji Berry is packed with antioxidants, supporting immune health and protecting cells during the postpartum recovery phase.

      Emotional Resilience: Its adaptogenic qualities may enhance emotional resilience, helping mothers navigate the emotional aspects of postpartum life.

      Nutrient Boost: Goji Berry adds a nutrient boost, including essential vitamins, promoting overall vitality during the postpartum period.




      Emotional Well-being: Hibiscus contributes to emotional well-being with its calming effects, providing a comforting element postpartum.

      Vitamin C: Rich in vitamin C, it supports immune function and overall health during the postpartum recovery journey.

      Hydration Support: Hibiscus aids in hydration, essential for postpartum mothers, promoting a sense of vitality.




      Stress Adaptation: Tulsi's adaptogenic nature supports stress adaptation, contributing to emotional balance during the postpartum period.

      Immune Boost: With immune-boosting properties, Tulsi aids in maintaining overall health postpartum.

      Uplifting Aroma: Tulsi's uplifting aroma may provide emotional support and a sense of calm, enhancing the postpartum experience.


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