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Intuitive Australian Bush Flower Essences Blend
  • Intuitive Australian Bush Flower Essences Blend

    Australian Bush Flower Essences are a unique and natural form of vibrational medicine derived from the flowers of native Australian plants. These essences are crafted by extracting the energetic imprint or vibrational essence of a particular flower, capturing its healing qualities. Developed by Australian naturopath Ian White, these remedies aim to address imbalances on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.



    These flower essences work on the principle that emotional well-being is integral to overall health. They are believed to assist in harmonizing and balancing one's emotional state, promoting a sense of inner peace and alignment. Each flower essence corresponds to specific emotional patterns or states, offering gentle support for issues such as stress, fear, anxiety, or lack of clarity.



    Australian Bush Flower Essences are commonly used to complement holistic well-being practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing. They are administered orally, typically a few drops under the tongue or added to water, allowing the vibrational frequencies of the essences to interact with one's energy field and promote a positive emotional shift.



    This offering allows you to receive an intutively created blend to support you on your journey. If you feel called, leave one word in the order notes that you feel would best encompass the energy of the blend.


    Available in 2 sizes - 10ml or 30ml 

    • Australian Bush Flower Essences, Brandy, and Filtered Water.

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