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Fertile Herbal Tea Blend
  • Fertile Herbal Tea Blend

    Fertile Herbal Tea Blend


    This beautiful herbal blend has been lovingly created to nourish your womb and support you on your fertility journey.


    *Only consume prior to ovulation and during menstruation.


    • Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Blessed Thistle, Burdock Root, Ashwaghanda, Motherwort, Red Clover, Vitex, Shatavari and Rose.

    • Nettle:

      • Nutrient Boost: Nettle is a nutrient-rich herb, providing essential vitamins and minerals that support overall well-being and may contribute to a healthy reproductive system.
      • Hormonal Balance: It is believed to help balance hormones, which is crucial for overall reproductive health.
      • Energetic Nourishment: Nettle's nourishing properties extend energetically, providing support for overall vitality during the fertility journey.



      Red Raspberry Leaf:

      • Uterine Tonic: Red Raspberry Leaf is often considered a uterine tonic, supporting the health of the uterus and potentially enhancing fertility.
      • Nutrient Support: Rich in vitamins and minerals, it provides essential nutrients that may positively impact reproductive health.
      • Emotional Support: Red Raspberry Leaf is thought to have calming effects, offering emotional support during the emotional aspects of fertility.



      Burdock Root:

      • Detoxification: Burdock Root is known for its detoxifying properties, supporting the body's natural cleansing processes and promoting reproductive health.
      • Blood Purification: It is thought to purify the blood, which can positively impact overall health, including fertility.
      • Energetic Grounding: Burdock Root is considered energetically grounding, providing a stable foundation for the fertility journey.




      • Adaptogenic Support: Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, helping the body adapt to stress and promoting overall well-being, which is essential for fertility.
      • Hormonal Balance: It may support hormonal balance, contributing to reproductive health.
      • Emotional Resilience: Ashwagandha's adaptogenic properties extend to emotional resilience, supporting individuals through the emotional aspects of fertility.




      • Emotional Support: Motherwort is known for its calming effects, providing emotional support during the emotional ups and downs of the fertility journey.
      • Uterine Tonic: It is considered a uterine tonic, supporting the physical aspect of reproductive health.
      • Energetic Comfort: Motherwort is believed to offer energetic comfort, aligning with overall well-being during fertility efforts.



      Red Clover:

      • Estrogenic Effects: Red Clover contains compounds with estrogenic effects, potentially supporting hormonal balance.
      • Blood Purification: It is believed to support blood purification, contributing to overall reproductive health.
      • Energetic Nourishment: Red Clover's nutrient content may offer energetic nourishment, supporting vitality during fertility endeavors.



      Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry):

      • Hormonal Regulation: Vitex is known for its ability to regulate hormones, especially in the context of supporting a balanced menstrual cycle.
      • Luteal Phase Support: It may support the luteal phase, a crucial aspect of the menstrual cycle for fertility.
      • Emotional Balance: Vitex's hormonal support extends to emotional balance, aiding individuals in navigating the emotional aspects of fertility.




      • Reproductive Health: Shatavari is traditionally used to support reproductive health in women, addressing various aspects of fertility.
      • Hormonal Balance: It is believed to help balance hormones, promoting overall reproductive well-being.
      • Energetic Nourishment: Shatavari's nourishing properties extend energetically, offering support for vitality during the fertility journey.



      • Emotional Upliftment: Rose is known for its emotionally uplifting properties, providing comfort and positivity during fertility efforts.
      • Blood Circulation: It may support healthy blood circulation, positively influencing reproductive health.
      • Energetic Harmony: Rose is thought to bring energetic harmony, aligning with holistic fertility support.


      Blessed Thistle

      • Hormonal Detoxification Ally: Blessed Thistle emerges as a valuable ally in hormonal detoxification, offering support to the body's natural processes in achieving hormonal balance for optimal reproductive health.
      • Digestive Harmony: Recognized for its role in promoting digestive health, Blessed Thistle aids in creating a harmonious environment within the digestive system, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and contributing to overall well-being.
      • Holistic Detox Support: Beyond its detoxification effects on hormones, Blessed Thistle provides a holistic approach by fostering digestive wellness, aligning with the body's natural cleansing processes for comprehensive detox support.
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