REST Essential Oil Roller Blend in Coconut Oil, infused with Reiki Healing and Chamomile flowers. 


This has been lovingly created to promote deep rest, allowing you to fall into a dreamy state and wake feeling restored. The beautiful blue-green hues of this oil come from German Chamomile, a deeply relaxing herb.


Sweet dreams angel. 


Simply roll over temples, neck, wrists, and soles of feet and...breathe. 


Packaging is reusable, or recyclable. 

REST Essential Oil Roller Blend

  • Coconut oil infused with essential oils of;


    german chamomile | a deeply calming and relaxing herb. It is also known to replenish your aura, purifying mind, body and spirit. 


    lavender | the healing properties of lavender are abundant, with the most known one being relaxation. Lavender is incredibly clearing and cleansing for the mind and spirit. 


    cedarwood | promotes feelings of clarity and peace, as well as relaxation of the entire body. 


    lime | a revitalising and cleansing oil, also known to release any stagnation and negativity held in the mind. 


    frankincense | cleanses the energetic field, and promotes feelings of deep relaxation. This oil allows allows you to drop out of your mind, and into your body. 


    marjoram | a heart-opening and healing plant, with soothing and comforting properties.