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birth & labour support

I trust birth, and our innate ability to birth. When guided by our intuition, we can trust fully in our bodies to birth. We can surrender to this beautiful, transformative process. I am here to help you do this. To guide you to that place of unwavering trust. You know your body and your baby. I am here simply to hold and witness you as you journey through one of the most profound periods.

Prior to your birth we will meet to get to know one another and determine how I can best support you throughout labour and postpartum. This can look like working through any fears you may have or comfort measures that ease and relax you. Each session will look different depending on what you feel you need most. Postpartum planning is also integral, and something I am so passionate about as this is such a sacred time. You will receive loving touch through grounding foot/hand massage and nourishing tea/snacks. 

​I am on-call for you 24/7 during the month of your expected birth. I will come as soon as you call me, and will be there for the entire duration of your labour, whether you are at home or in hospital. I will remain with you for 2 - 3 hours after your baby arrives. 
I create your ideal birthing space with dimmed light, electronic candles, gentle music and essential oils. I use holistic modalities to support you through contractions/labour such as rebozo, acupressure, heat/cold therapy, aromatherapy and massage. 
I help keep you nourished and hydrated to maintain your energy with light snacks. I help to support your partner in their role for your labour. I can assist you with different positions, keeping you as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and reminding you of your innate, divine birthing ability. 



"Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have."

Ibu Robin Lim

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