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yoni steaming

Yoni steaming is a deeply restorative ancient practice with a plethora of benefits. Herbal blends are mindfully created and individually tailored for you to meet you where you are at.


 Yoni steams are holistic self-care practices in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina gently. 


Yoni steams are part of the Maya healing lineage and used mainly to cleanse the uterus when there are menstrual difficulties, after birth, and with menopause to completely clean the womb when finished bleeding. They are popular in Central America, India, eastern Europe, and in Korea, where women commonly incorporate them as part of their self-care routines.

Why Yoni Steam: 

  • Deeply cleansing for the uterus and vagina.

  • Hormone balancing.

  • Enhances fertility health.

  • Regulate periods.

  • Increased cervical mucus

  • Increased libido and sexual sensation.

  • Heal cycle-related concerns - PMS, bloating, pain, irregularity.

  • Energetic + emotional release.

  • Toning vaginal tissue.

  • Perineal healing.

  • Postpartum recovery + healing.

  • Connects you with your womb space and sacred feminine energy.



  • If you are currently bleeding.

  • If you have already ovulated and on a conscious conception journey (fertility).

  • Pregnancy.

  • Active infections (exacerbated by heat).

Please let me know if you have an IUD, and we can do a gentle steam set-up instead.


There are so many nourishing, restorative benefits to this ceremony, including;

- Re-established sense of self, feeling in alignment.

- Feeling grounded and present in your role as mother, especially in the transition from maiden to mother.

- Stimulation of blood circulation within the reproductive area, assisting with muscle tone and restoring the tissues.

- As labour can leave you feeling open and vulnerable, this ceremony can re-seal the body, so you may fill your cup back up and draw energy back to your creative portal (womb).

- Hormonal balance and immune stimulation. 

- Closure from the birth story and releasing suppressed emotions and trauma.

- Guiding the organs and hip bones back into place, and assisting the uterus in shrinking.

- Breaking up adrenalin crystals that may form on the hip bones (indicating unresolved trauma and emotional blocks).


- Cacao or intuitive herbal tea to drink while debriefing.

- Creating together an altar that honours you and will sit beside you during your ceremony.

- Rejuvenating and grounding herbal foot soak.

- Intuitive card pull.

- Abdominal/womb Massage with homemade warming herbal infused oil.

- Full body Rebozo wrapping.

- Holding space for you as you rest and take time while wrapped.

- Sound healing.

- Reiki/Intuitive Healing.

Add On's

- Yoni Steam (+$40) to support perineal healing (among other benefits). 

- Mobile Ceremony in your home (+$20) 

(please message me to see if I service your area).

This makes an incredible gift for a loved one in their postpartum period, which could be in the first few days after birth, or years after birth. Postpartum is forever.


This honouring ritual can be done at any time following birth, however, it is best to wait until lochia has cleared.

I trust that you will know when you are ready for this sacred ceremony. 

This includes miscarriage as the body still undergoes expansion and results in a postpartum mama.

I am here for you.

Please allow up to 2 hours for this ceremony (2.25 if yoni steaming).

Exchange is $150 (+$40 for yoni steaming). 

If you would like this in the comfort of your home, please reach out to find out if I service that area. 

(+$20 for mobile ceremony).

- Please get in touch for availability and bookings -

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