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Bookings & Price List


Home Healing Space


Womb Hara Massage 

(Cycle/Digestion/Postpartum/Fertility Focus)

Pregnancy Massage

Yoni Steaming Ceremony

Yoni Steaming Add-on

Sacred Postpartum Closing Ceremony

Intuitive/Reiki Healing

Pregnancy massage & Postpartum Closing Ceremony may be mobile (in your home) - please enquire to see if I service your area +$20.


$150   1h 30m

$135    70min

$170    1h 40m

$80    30min

$65     10/15min

$250   2h 30min    

$100    1h

Holistic Acupuncture


Womb Hara Massage (Initial Consult)  

(Postpartum, Cycle, Fertility Focus)

Womb Hara Massage (Follow Up)

Pregnancy Massage         

Yoni Steaming Ceremony

Yoni Steaming Add-on

Intuitive/Reiki Healing

$150   1h 15m

$135    1hr

$135    1hr

$85     30min

$65    10-15min

$120     1h 


About Holistic Acupuncture

Holistic Acupuncture is a fertility and pregnancy acupuncture clinic solely dedicated to support couples undergoing IVF and any other assisted fertility treatments. 

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