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I am currently taking a break from birthkeeping. I apologise for any inconvenience.


(pronounced ah-nee-cha)

Anicca is the Buddhist philosophy of impermanence which sees that everything is in a constant cycle and state of change.

A cycle of birth, growth and death that every being is subject to...

​Annica, based on the Gold Coast QLD, offers holistic services, and beautiful handcrafted herbal products.

Behind this small business is Dani, whose vision and passion lies in in bringing women into their power, connecting them to the depths of their womb space, and helping people tap into their inner alchemy to further them on their healing journey.

Current offerings include; Birth & Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula services, Holistic Womb Hara & Fertility Massage, as well as 1:1 Reiki/Intuitive Healing sessions.

A multitude of holistic modalities are brought to each offering, after intuitively feeling into the healing you need each session. Dani is trained in Yoni Steaming, Rebozo, Herbalism and Etheric Healing, and has worked with the healing power of essential oils for many years.

Within each offering, you will feel deeply held and grounded. Space will be held for you to feel safe enough to release and soften.

Please reach out if you have any questions, via email or phone, or to book in a session.


About Dani

I am of Filipino descent and was born in Australia, and I have two sisters and one brother. 

I love the ocean and being in nature as much as I can.

I actually have an Accounting Degree - I graduated in 2012 and realised that it was not the work I wanted to do and chose to pursue my passion in health and healing. 

I adore travel and immersing myself in new cultures.

My own healing journey has been long-winded, and spread across many years. I have since learned the thing that made the biggest impact was honouring. Honouring my body...meeting myself wherever I am at, and moving in accordance with this, whether I needed to slow; my breath, movement...or using herbs and plant medicine to facilitate deeper healing. 

The herbal products I have come to make and love, have been deeply inspired by my mother, who gracefully moved through cancer, twice, and was not told about all of the ways in which treatment would impact her body or skin. And while I wish I had made these during that time, here they are - simple, plant-based and full of love.

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