postpartum support

The postpartum period is deeply sacred and treating it as such is so important in the healing process. You have just come back from bringing your baby Earth-side. I am here to ensure you rest, feel nourished, and revitalized. 

It is my honour as your postpartum doula to ensure you feel totally supported so you can safely stay in your baby bubble, as you integrate your birthing experience in this sacred period.

As the body is so open energetically, physically & emotionally, my focus is on bringing warmth to you through nourishing, warming food and drink, herbal baths and loving touch. I also offer belly binding, to close the space from which your baby emerged.

I will also gently remind you to hydrate, and rest, while ensuring your space is fresh and revitalised with light household cleaning. 

I will listen to you and hold space, as you recount your birth story, reminding you of how incredible you were.

And finally, I will be available to you via phone, text or email - whenever you need.

Herbal Treatment

Also included is a "Closing of the Bones Ceremony."

Across various cultures, different postpartum practices are used to assist with healing, as well as acknowledging the immense shift in the mother's emotional and mental state. Closing of the bones stems from Ecuadorian and Mexican traditions and is deeply nurturing and healing.

I use a Rebozo (a Mexican shawl) to rock your hips and gently pull the hip bones back into place. This is deeply nourishing and relaxing and honours the work that your hips have done. This will then be followed by a beautiful massage with warming oils, focusing on your abdomen and womb. Finally, you will be wrapped fully in rebozo, as if in a cocoon, before emerging feeling deeply connected and back in your body. While you are wrapped, I may do energy work to assist your spirit in coming back to the body after being a portal for carrying new life. 


There are so many nourishing, restorative benefits to this ceremony, including; 

- Re-established sense of self.

- Stimulation of blood circulation within the reproductive area, assisting with muscle tone and restoring the tissues.

- As labour can leave you feeling open and vulnerable, this ceremony can re-seal the body, so you may fill your cup back up.

- Bringing energy back into your creative centre; the womb.

- Hormonal balance and immune stimulation. 

- Closure from the birth story and releasing suppressed emotions and trauma.

- Guiding the organs and hip bones back into place, and assisting the uterus in shrinking.

- Breaking up adrenalin crystals that form on the hip bones (indicating unresolved trauma and emotional blocks).