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conscious conception support

Think of me as your fertility doula - I will support you every step of the way as you journey through conscious conception. I will lend you a listening ear, free of judgement, and hold you when you need me to. This offering complements any fertility treatments you may be undertaking, and may be used alongside them to assist you holistically.

Personalised herbal products are included that are tailored for you.

you will receive; 

- initial consult

- phone/email support

- fertility herbal infusions

- fertility yoni steam blend to do at home

- intuitive Australian bush flower essence blend

- fertility womb massage oil

- 2x fertility focused womb hara massage 

- 2x yoni steams

- meditations and practices to support you energetically/emotionally


investment - $424

* please note I am not a medical professional, and as such this does not substitute for medical advice or treatment.

for best results, fertility focused womb hara massage and yoni steams will need to be scheduled prior to ovulation. two in the week or so leading up is optimal. 

To contact me to see if this is the right support for you - or to book this package, please reach out.

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